Course Overview

Property Tool Box – Workshop Overview

‘A step by step guide on how to invest  in  property avoiding a lot  of  the common mistakes, to help to minimise your time and maximise your profits….’

1. Introduction

Our goal with this workshop / manual is to give exceptional value in order help people avoid some of the mistakes we have made along the way and pass on 25 years combined experience and continuous professional development. Have we made mistakes? yes quite a few, but we don’t like repeating them. We hope you can gain enough information to make informed decisions because when we started, we did not know what we did not know! We still don’t know all the answers, but we usually know where to find them.



Heres a list of what we cover ;

1       Introduction

2       Wheel of life

3       Property Business Plan                                

4       Why invest in property?

                  cash vs. shares vs. property

5       Where am I financially?

6       Property Investment tips

7       Where do I invest?

8       Understanding Some of the Housing Types

9       Use Classes

10     Licencing

11     Rent Smart Wales

12     Property investing options

12.a  Hands free

12.b  Single lets

12.c Multiple lets

12.d  HMOs

12.e  Rent to Rent

12.f   LHA single lets

12.g  LHA shared lets

12.h  LHA 2 + 2

12.i   Lease options

12.j   Sourcing property

12.k  Auctions

12.l   Adding value

12.m Rent a room

12.n  rent your drive

12.o  Renting bits of your house

12.p Flipping (buy to sell)

12.q  Joint ventures

12.r   Short term lets (serviced accommodation)

13     How do I get good deals

14     Cash flow

15     Offer Price

16     Your Team

17     Estate / letting agents

18     Sourcing agents

19     Surveyors / Surveys

20     Accounts / accountants (Inc. Xero)

21     Builders

22     Mortgage broker

23     Resources

24     Self managing property

24a.           How to Rent

24b.           Right to Rent – Immigration Act 2014

24c.           EPC – Energy performance Certificate

24d.           Inventory

24e.           Tennant Move In Check Sheet

24f.            Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)

24g.           Legionnaires’ disease.

24h.           Move In Check Sheet

24i.            Assured Short-Hold Tenancies (AST)

24j.            Tennant / Property details – 1 place for all the details

24k.           Monthly Payment Tracking

24l.            Property Management Software

24m.          Ending the Tenancy

24n.           Legal forms

24o.           Mailing Preference Service

24p.           Register of gas SAFE authorized traders

24q.           Deposits

24r.            Deregulation Act 2015

24s.           Blind Regulations

24t.            Setting up direct debits

24u.           Floor Plans

         24v.           Inspection Software

24w.                   Who supplies my Gas and Electricity

24x.           Boilers (Inc. basic boiler fault finding guide) and some ways to look after them.

25     Finance

25a.           Credit File

         25b.           Raising Finance

25c.           Equity Release

25d.           Bridging

25e.           Peer-to-Peer funding

25f.            Crowd Funding

25g.           Angel Investors

25h.           Credit Cards

25i.            Grant Schemes

26     Researching a property

26a.           Finding the Post Code and address

26b.           Local Development Plan

26c.           General Back Ground Searches

26d.           Checking demand

26e.           Land Registry

26f.            Flood Plane Maps

26g.           Planning Office in the local council

26h.           Local Housing Allowance

26i.            BMRA – Broad market rental area

26j             Assets of Community Value (ACV)

27     Reducing costs

27a.           Trade Cards

27b.           Utilities

27c.           Landlord discount clubs

27d.           Water consumption

27e.           Central Heating

27f.            Government Grant Schemes

         27g.           Sending out mail shots

27h.           Reduced VAT on building work

27i.            Mind Set

28     Positive Input

29     Glossary of terms

30     Conclusion

Appendix 1 – Inventory