Property search and due dilligence overview

One day practical property search and due diligence workshop

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What you will get

Rob and Laura are getting a reputation for offering outstanding value and this workshop will be no exception. (we concluded we might be slightly un-polished for this new style of workshop, so we decided to offer the workshop at this bargain price!)
Great peace of mind that your fees will go to a worthy cause
2 speakers with a combined property investing experience of over 25 years for a day
A fun, information packed, practical day for property investing
A good understanding of how to look at the cash flow in a deal
Lots of options of what you could do with each property
Appreciation of how deals could be made more profitable
Loads of information on how to carry out due diligence
Loads of tips of thing to look out for
Resources to find answers quite simply

Who should attend

Any one thinking about starting up in property
Any one who has previously undertaken property training but now needs practical help looking for those 1st deals
More seasoned Pros who might want to pick up some tips for research and due diligence or perhaps would like to learn about other strategies to improve cashflow of investment properties you already own.