Over the years we have gained some useful experience,  some through trial and error, some through training. In order to help our clients, we can offer some services and tools that will save time and money. If you don’t see what you are looking for please get in touch and we should be able to help, even if it means we point our clients in a different direction. The links should be considered as educational and in no way considered as financial advice.

Property Tool Box Manual – This is a software download, rammed with information tips, strategies for property investment and management from 12 years of experience and training.

Property Tool Box Manual £75

Deal Analysis – If you have thought it would be great to have some one look at one of your investment properties / deals to see if there could be other rental options this is a great resource.

Deal Analysis £30

Cash Flow excel spread sheet, use this to see how changing the deal parameter will change the cash flow.

Cash Flow Spreadsheet £10

Managing Tenants actually 3 excel spread sheets; new tenant setup checklist, tenant / property details and monthly rent tracker.

Managing Tenants £10

Purchase Offer Price excel spread sheet, work out how much to offer for a property to get your desired profit.

Purchase Offer Price £5