What People have said about our one day ‘Property Tool Box Workshop’


Alice – Brilliant ! learnt so much more than I thought I would, both information and tips were very useful.  My eyes were opened to the different options for property options.

Alice Hildrop

Karen Stanbridge – Great content well delivered.
Karen Stanbridge

 Simon Hildrop – Excellent content especially using different strategies, I had only really considered single lets and HMOs.

 John Wiseman  – I attended Rob’s one day “Property Tool Box” briefing which was also attended by one of his partners. This gave a valuable balanced overview of their motivations, experiences, tips and insights and success investing in property, allowing me to consider and plan how this might be adapted to suit my personal situation. The supporting material provided gives a useful summary for future actions I might take with tips to avoid costly errors. Rob provided open and frank discussion during the day with ongoing future support potential. I would recommend investing in attending a session with Rob if you are planning to participate in property as an investment strategy.

 Irene Gomez – It was perfect, right information, right time ! many good tips and real examples.


Amber Chidakashi – I met Robert Walters at a property training in 2013 and I was immediately attracted to his training course because of his experience and knowledge which straddles most strategies needed for the next 5 years. When I saw Robert’s manual and how many hundreds of hours he put into the training day I just knew that I had to go and see what the delivery was like…….. I cannot recommend this course enough and I WILL REFUND YOU your money if you are not ASTOUNDED BY THE VALUE. Its a privilege to know people like Rob care enough to give back to the property community. Please take the time to review this and email me at chidakashi@btintrenet.com if you have any doubts.
Amber Chidakashi A very grateful Graduate of the Walters Way.