Testimonials Search and Due Dilligence

What People have said about our one day ‘Property search and Due Diligence’


Teena Dailey

Teena Dailey

Very good content, mixed topics. Excellent Delivery.



Mike Julyan_n

Mike Julyan

Covered the right amount of content, great info.



Thomas Watts_n

Thomas Watts

Content very good 🙂 Great course for a great cause, thank you !


Tanya Netto_n

Tanyo Netto

Great content. Relaxed Environment with genuine and honest trainers. Really enjoyable. Thanks very much !


Vilius Ramanauskas_n

Vilius Ramanauskas

Content was fantastic.


Simon Drage_n

Simon Drage

Great research tips ! very good content, a lot of different aspects covered in brief but in one day you could not do more without leaving aspects out, so good 🙂



Amy Thomas

Brilliant and no ‘whooping’ plus we got cake! I collected lots of info. Thank you.


Andy Jones_n

Andrew Jones

Very useful content, exactly the type of info I like, specific and practical.