I met Robert Walters at a property training in 2013 and I was immediately attracted to his training course because of his experience and knowledge which straddles most strategies needed for the next 5 years. When I saw Robert’s manual and how many hundreds of hours he put into the training day I just knew that I had to go and see what the delivery was like.

On struggling to arrive at the venue on time I was surprised to receive a call from Rob telling me he was waiting a few more minutes for me

The training started with my goals and WHY I was going into property

He then started talking about where to invest and why different areas needed different strategies

By 12pm my whole world had lit up as a very ordinary every day guy was sharing secrets no one else had ever shared

Rob did not have a mastermind group or advanced course to sell so he had no agenda in holding back

By 2pm he had brought on his secret weapon. A JV partner who had even more to share and loads of examples of how to recruit different strategies

The materials were driven deep by examples and questions.

Coffee and lunch became an excuse to ask these amazingly experienced mentors how they use this knowledge in different contexts

I learnt how to price up refurbs; buy sell costs; 12 different strategies; financing techniques and lots lots more.

This really should be a 3 day course at £600.00 but Robs wants to pack it all in one day and get you going.

Its a complete ONE DAY DEAL for anyone who is prepared to take action

I cannot recommend this course enough and I WILL REFUND YOU your money if you are not ASTOUNDED BY THE VALUE. Its a privilege to know people like Rob care enough to give back to the property community. Please take the time to review this and email me at chidakashi@btintrenet.com if you have any doubts

Amber Chidakashi

A very grateful Graduate of the Walters Way